Unique Recycled Metal and Car Parts Sculpture Mexico 'Rustic Bulldozer Digger'

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Meet the Artist

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This rugged digger is sculpted by Mexico's Armando Ramírez from an intriguing collection of scrap metal pieces and auto parts. The cabin, for example, is built with thick wire, metal sheets, screws and a pulley. It also features a rocker arm from a car's ignition system, and pieces that were left over from a die machine as well as industrial bearings. The front and rear shovels are forged from metal sheets, die pieces and screws.

Please note it is the artist's intention not to give his sculptures a fine polished finish, therefore smudges and scratches may be present.
  • Recycled metal
  • Each work is unique. Recycled parts will vary from piece to piece based on availability.
  • Features a distressed finish
  • 1.25 kgs
  • 18 cm H x 27 c m W x 15 cm D