Christmas Ceramic Nativity Scene from Peru 'Born to the Amazons'

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Meet the Artist

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Alberto Aparicio Canchari crafts an endearing nativity scene featuring the Holy Family accompanied by the Three Wise Men. They all wear the traditional costumes and facial artistry that is unique to the Ashaninka people of the Amazon Rainforest. The master ceramist draws attention to the Ashaninka cause, for they are being displaced from their homeland by loggers. The set includes a donkey and a cow too, and all figurines are painted by hand with expressive detail. Set includes eight pieces.
  • Ceramic
  • 0.96 kgs
  • Tallest piece: 13.8 cm H x 7.4 cm W x 5 cm D
  • Smallest piece: 4.9 cm H x 8.2 cm W x 8.2 cm D