Set of 6 Guatemalan Worry Doll Ornaments Crafted by Hand 'Worry Dolls Share the Love'

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Traditional Guatemalan worry dolls share the love as festive ornaments by the Lopez Garcia Family. Each doll in the set of six is crafted by hand and wears a handwoven skirt and headdress. 'The idea is to trust each doll with whatever troubles you. It is said that during the night, while we sleep, the dolls will whisper the solution to our troubles,' says Ana from the Lopez Garcia Family. The set of six arrives in a hand-loomed cotton pouch.

Legend has it that the Maya Sun God gave princess Ixmucané the gift of solving people's problems. With time people started making dolls in Ixmucané's honor and they would tell her their woes, hoping she would solve them through the dolls.

Please expect slight variations in color and size as each doll is crafted by hand with available materials, making each one unique.
  • 100% cotton, polyurethane, tule, nylon, paper
  • Hand-crafted item -- color, size and/or motif may vary slightly
  • Not a toy and not intended for use in or near cribs, beds, playpen s, or carriages
  • Not a toy. Not intended for use by children age 12 or under.
  • 64 grams
  • Each (6): 7.62 cm H x 5 cm W x 1.5 cm D
  • Pouches (6): 10.16 cm L x 8.26 cm W