Handcrafted Mexican Marble Chess Set Game 'Check in Gray'

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Gray tones lend an inviting air of mystery to this handcrafted chess set. The game employs marble's power to intensify the mental battles to be waged. The combatants line up, patiently prepared for the heated climax when one of the competitors first announces, 'Check.' The Sierra Family infuses a classic game with a touch of Mexican artistry.

As each piece is sculpted individually with natural stones, there may exist slight variations in the color and grain pattern of the stone. The dimension of the pieces may also vary slightly, up to 1 in (2.5 cm).
  • Marble
  • 4.90 kgs
  • Chessboard: 2 cm H x 35 cm W x 35 cm D
  • Tallest piece: 7 cm H x 3 cm Diam.