Hand Made Folk Art Mirror from Peru 'Little Carnaval'

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Meet the Artist

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Alejandro Ch√°vez crafts a mirror frame rooted in Andean tradition. Varied scenes represent Carnavalito (Little Carnival), a celebration held in the Peruvian Andes. Musicians play traditional instruments, participants re-enact the birth of Jesus, incredible masks hang on the wall, and a couple stands beneath a towering prickly pear cactus. Known as a retablo, this traditional diorama is housed in a colorful chest crafted of wood and painted. Ch√°vez carefully models each figure from ceramic plaster and paints them by hand.
  • Plywood and ceramic
  • Signed by the artist
  • 0.67 kgs
  • Frame: 30 cm H x 23 cm W x 3.5 cm D
  • Mirror: 8.5 cm W x 16 cm H