Floral Wood Jewelry Box 'Florid Cameo'

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Bouquets of miniscule flowers gracefully pose on the smooth surface of this jewelry box, their beauty intended to hide valued treasures. Carved with the vast elegance of a true artist, M. Ayub creates this extraordinary jewelry box from Kashmiri walnut wood. The box opens up to two compartments lined with soft velvet, one designed for rings. The top section can be lifted to reveal another compartment. The box features a secret locking mechanism and can be opened by sliding the lower front panel of the box to the right side.
  • Walnut wood with velvet lining
  • Each artwork is unique -- wood grain, color, and pattern will differ slightly from picture
  • 0.75 kgs
  • 8.5 cm H x 21 cm W x 13 cm D