Diamond charm bracelet 'Solitary Om'

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Hema honors inner peace and meditation practices with the inspired design of this bracelet. It is centered by a sterling silver medallion featuring Om (also ohm or aum) written in Devanagari. The sacred incantation is intoned at the beginning and end of reading the Vedas, as well as before a prayer or meditation. This Om is studded with a solitary .01 carat diamond. The bracelet is braided by hand and can be adjusted to the desired length.

.925 Sterling silver
  • Rhodium plated 925 sterling silver, diamond, glass beads, nylon cord
  • High polish finish
  • Rhodium-plated
  • 2 grams
  • Maximum length: 20 cm Interior Circumference x 0.4 cm W
  • Minimum length: 14 cm Interior Circumference x 0.4 cm W
  • Pendant: 0.2 cm H x 1.3 cm Diam.