Cotton and Wood Decorative Doll 'In the Garden'

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Meet the Artist

This item was created

Her face shows a garden where a hummingbird hovers. Carefully sculpted of crocodile wood and painted by hand, this doll represents a Balinese beauty. Gusti Ngurah Semarajaya creates an image that reflects the wealth of art and culture in Bali. The gown is made of handloomed ikat, a cloth with threads dyed in random patterns before weaving.
  • Crocodile wood and 100% cotton
  • Base included
  • Not a toy. Not intended for use by children age 12 or under.
  • Signed by the artist
  • 0.45 kgs
  • Doll: 55 cm H x 45 cm W x 8 cm D
  • Folded: 15 cm H x 24 cm W x 10 cm D