Artisan Crafted Limestone Balinese Frog Figurines Set of 3 'Musical Frogs I'

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Sweet and talented, musical frogs play traditional Balinese musical instruments including the kajar, the gangsa and the ceng-ceng. Nyoman Rely carves the expressive statuettes by hand from limestone, its natural hue accentuating every vivid detail.

Kajar is a small kettle with a muted bass, held on the lap and played with a hard stick. The gangsa is a traditional Balinese instrument played with a mallet which differs in hardness depending on the instrument and its range, and the ceng-ceng are cymbals.
  • Limestone
  • Natural stone - some variations in color and/or pattern are to be expected
  • 0.73 kg
  • Each (3): 10.5 cm H x 5 cm W x 5 cm D