Wood and Canvas Adjustable Folding Lounge Chair small 'Forest Whisper'

$462.99 CAD
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Meet the Artist

This item was created

A subtle leaf motif evokes the forest as Wood Artisans of Zaragoza craft a comfortable lounge chair. Crafted of laurel wood, the chair folds flat when not in use. It can be adjusted to three levels.

Maximum weight capacity: 175 lbs (80 kg)
  • 100% nylon on laurel wood frame
  • Maxmium weight capacity 175 lbs
  • Wood grain and color can vary slightly
  • 6.50 kg
  • At maximum height: 100 cm H x 52.5 cm W x 105 cm D
  • At minimum height: 76 cm H x 52.5 cm W x 105 cm D
  • Folded: 15 cm H x 58 cm W x 120 cm D