Ornate Rococo Style Carved Wood Mirror from Bali Artisan 'Mataram Rococo'

$110.99 CAD
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Meet the Artist

This item was created

Mataram, now the name of a city on the Indonesian island of Lombok, was once the name of both an Islamic sultanate and a Hindu-Buddhist kingdom in Java. The talented Sarwaedi in Bali names this hand-carved wood mirror after the diverse and historically rich region. The mirror, which has a beautifully rococo style, is crafted from richly grained suar wood with a natural finish.
  • Suar wood, plywood, glass
  • Designed to hang vertically only
  • Hand-crafted item -- color, size and/or motif may vary slightly
  • Wood grain and color can vary slightly
  • 0.85 kgs
  • Frame: 39 cm W x 30.5 cm H x 2 cm D
  • Mirror: 17.5 cm W x 23 cm H