Handmade Wood Drum 'Fear None but God'

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Decorative motifs appear in white, adding cheer to the darkness of tweneboah wood. They adorn a djembe drum by Ernestina Oppong Asante. The abstract motif at the base is Gye Nyame an Adinkra symbol highly regarded in Ghana; its rotating form means 'I fear none except God.' Adinkra symbols communicate popular wisdom.

This traditional percussion instrument is finished with mansion polish. The goatskin head is affixed by iron rings wrapped in cotton, and a macramé cord can be slung over the shoulder. The djembe originated in Benin, where it is used during voodoo rites, and has been introduced into neighboring countries such as Ghana.
  • Tweneboah wood, goatskin and cotton
  • Instrument Rating: Beginner quality, intended for casual use
  • 0.50 kgs
  • 27 cm H x 15 cm Diam.

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