Hand Crafted Wood Turtle Sculpture 'Mythic Tortoise'

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Turning its head slightly sideways, a tortoise walks slowly through different myths, legends and fables. In Hinduism, Akupara the tortoise carries the world on its back upholding earth and sea. In China, a turtle or tortoise signifies longevity, and in Feng Shui, the Black Tortoise symbolizes support for home, family life and personal relationships. According to Feng Shui lore, placing a tortoise behind the home, at a back door or in the backyard is said to bring good luck and many blessings. Seji Taram carves a vivid suar wood sculpture of the celebrated tortoise. His attention to detail is admirable as it leads to an expressive work of art.
  • Suar wood
  • Each artwork is unique -- wood grain, color, and pattern will differ slightly from picture
  • Signed by the artist
  • 1.84 kgs