Hand Carved Wood Mask from Indonesia 'Goddess of the Moon and Stars'

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Meet the Artist

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The moon and the stars guard their goddess's dreams in a spectacular mask by master carver Nyoman Naranata. Working with manual tools, Naranata transforms hibiscus wood into a highly detailed work of art. The goddess of moon and stars only resides in Naranata's imagination, thus this exceptional mask is truly unique to his creativity.

Hibiscus wood exhibits colors ranging from white to light gray, dark gray or even black heartwood. This natural occurrence can rarely be replicated, making each carving exceptionally unique. Please expect slight differences in wood grain color and distribution patterns. Theme and artistic quality remain the same.
  • Hibiscus wood
  • Signed by the artist
  • 0.38 kgs
  • 30 cm H x 19.5 cm W x 10 cm D