Collectible Maya Ceramic Sculpture Museum Replica 'Maya Lady of Weaves'

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Though retired, Angel Cerón continues pursuing his passion of crafting pre-Hispanic replicas with the authorization of the Mexican authorities. This time he replicates the vivid sculpture of a Maya woman, believed to be related to the cult of the goddess of weavers. The original dates circa 600 - 800 AD and was found in the Island of Jaina, off the coast of Campeche. 'The Maya named this island Hanal, which means 'house of water' and turned it into a commercial center,' Cerón explains. 'Renamed Jaina by the Spanish, the island is now famous for its myriad Maya tombs filled with a variety of statuettes and utensils, as was their custom. The fact that the original sculpture portrayed a woman with an elaborate headdress and detailed garments suggests she represented a person from the aristocracy.'
  • Ceramic
  • Museum replica(s)
  • Signed by the artist
  • 0.82 kgs
  • 31 cm H x 14 cm W x 8 cm D

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