Brown Leather Travel Backpack 'The Highroad'

$321.99 CAD
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Meet the Artist

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Ricardo Hinojosa strikes the perfect balance between elegance and rugged chic in the design of this backpack. Tooled of quality leather, the backpack is treated to a special finish to achieve a weathered appearance. The backpack is lined and features a small zipper pocket in the interior, as well as two more on the exterior. The decorative buckle closure conceals a convenient tuck-lock clasp.
  • Leather with iron fixtures. Cotton and polyester lining
  • Adjustable strap(s)
  • Genuine leather may naturally show subtle marks, scratches or wrinkles
  • Tuck lock clasp
  • < li> 1.28 kgs
  • Backpack: 37 cm H x 31.5 cm W x 17.5 cm D
  • Straps: 80 cm L x 3 cm W