Babul Acacia Haldu Wood Chess Set Convertible Storage Box 'Chess Club'

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Meet the Artist

This item was created

Arti Sharma of India presents this beautifully crafted wood chess set. The hinged box opens flat to form the playing board, made of alternating squares of babul acacia and haldu wood. Lined with dark green velvet, the box when closed conveniently and securely stores the chess pieces.
  • Babul acacia wood, Haldu wood
  • Wood grain and color can vary slightly
  • 0.74 kgs
  • Chess board closed: 4 cm H x 30.5 cm W x 15 cm D
  • Chess board open: 30.5 cm H x 30.5 cm W x 2 cm D
  • Largest piece: 5.7 cm H x 2 cm W x 2 cm D
  • Smallest piece: 3 cm H x 2 cm W x 2 cm D