African Wood Djembe Drum 'From the Past'

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Vibrant colors dance to the beat of this handcrafted djembe drum. Daniel Asante recreates the colorful patterns of Ghana's kente cotton cloths to host the goat hide drum head. This is held taught with cotton threads and iron rods. Djembes are among the better-known drums from Africa. Its origin can be traced to the Great Mali Empire of 12th century. The drum is played during full moon celebrations, harvest time, weddings, baptisms, and for honoring mothers. Asante calls this drum 'Firitete,' meaning 'From the Past' in Akan language.
  • Tweneboa wood, 100% wood, leather and iron trim
  • Instrument Rating: Beginner quality, intended for casual use
  • 1.41 kgs
  • 36 cm H x 20 cm W x 20 cm D

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